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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has become the backbone of day to day operations in all organizations. The County Government of Migori is not an exception. While the administration of the County recognizes this fact, organizations and institutions all over the world, including Migori County, are faced with the ICT challenges and establishment of acceptable use of ICT as well as legal compliance. The County is deliberately undertaking service transformation through the use of ICT to effectively and efficiently deliver services to its citizen seeking public services. In order to provide transparent, efficient and accountable systems, the County has invested heavily in providing tools required to perform these functions. This has been achieved by providing the staff with access to electronic equipment and services such as computers, email, Internet and business support systems. Further, the CGM is undertaking training of its staff in ICT to equip them with relevant skills to be able to handle ICT related functions.



To use ICT as a dynamic tool of choice in provision of data and information services. MISSION Provide effective and efficient ICT infrastructure and secure information technology systems that support timely access to information. 


It is expected that this policy will help MIGORI COUNTY re-engineer its processes with a view of efficient and effective delivery of data and information services. Specific objectives of the policy include: 

 • Ensure provision of adequate and reliable information system in the County

 • Provide guidelines on the usage of ICT software and services in the County systems and data.

 • Promote efficient utilization of information system within the county and Sub-county systems. 

 • Ensure application of best practices and standards.


 • Advice and guide the County Government on ICT Policy, strategy and implementation of ICT projects in compliance with national and county legal and regulatory requirements;

 • Implement County ICT policy and e-Government master plans; 

 • Implementation of recommendation contained in the ICT transformation road-map that is anchored in the CIDP; 

 • Manage and provide oversight for implementation of any ICT strategy and disaster recovery plans that minimize the risk of data loss and breach of privacy of County Government information data base. 

 • Automation of all County services in order to provide enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery;

 • Design and development of an interactive website through which information for public consumption can be uploaded thus provide a communication channel for exchange of views and opinions. 

 • Implementation of recommendations contained in the ICT Transformation Roadmap that is anchored to County Integrated Development Plan; 

 • Ensuring that the departments under the Department are aligned roles and responsibilities with the priorities and objectives set out in the Migori County’s policies and plans;

 • Dissemination of public information and Public participation; 

 • Development of county communications capacity and infrastructure;

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) function entails maintaining ICT standards within the County Government; spearheading e-Government initiatives in the county public Service; application of Information Communication Technology; systems analysis and design, developing and implementing computerized information systems; carrying out research and development on ICT standards, guidelines and approaches and coordinating their consistent and efficient application in County Public Service; formulating and developing County Government ICT infrastructure; coordinating and developing county website and portals; coordinating the development of the County ICT policy and regulatory framework; providing advisory services to departments on all matters related to ICT; training on the use of ICTs equipment & system applications, relevant software packages and developing customized applications; providing hardware. maintenance support services; and liaising with hardware vendors for administration of guarantees and warranties.

To accelerate to the county’s vision, ICT Department need to enable its clients to interact with Migori County and have access to the services provided with ease. This can only be achieved effectively by automating services and enabling the clients to communicate through our web portal platform and online forms. In the county ICT transformation roadmap, the ICT and E –Government Department is expected to help the County address the existing barriers to effective citizen’s service delivery and ensure that the county meets its objectives of service delivery to Migorians. As ICT, our Mission is: – “To automate all County services for effective and efficient service delivery to the residents of Migori”. The department is working towards making the Migori County a SMART County through integration of technology in all its service delivery areas Response – the department has commenced the process of automating all County services for effective and efficient service delivery to residents 

 ICT Infrastructure

 The County has undertaken structured cabling at its County Headquarters and Sub-county offices. Operationalization of the County Data Centre to host systems and applications. The installation of Unified communication to provide a reliable solution for collaboration covering telephone PABX and video conferencing is also done .

Email Solution Implementation 

The County has implemented an email messaging and collaboration solution (Office 365) to provide staff with official email addresses for ease of online communication. This has improved on the time taken to transact official county business.