Governor's Message

I take this opportunity to send my greetings to the beloved people of Migori County and the Nation of Kenya at large. And welcome you to Migori County. ‘The Jewel in the making’ The county has unique features, challenges and opportunities which we vowed to take up and tackle. George Patton once said that ‘’Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.” The implementation of devolved system of government has seen my Government undertake a lot of development projects. The system has enabled essential liberty among the county residents, and has allowed for better supervision and implementation of policies at the grassroots level. My government has ensured that people’s rights have been met through engaging in projects that were promised. My administration, in a bid to boost the level of development in our County, has provided better and improved health care services, and has improved roads network by opening, grading and graveling of county roads and maintaining drainage networks.

It has provided a conducive environment by promoting Trade, Industrialization, Enterprise Development, Co-operatives, Tourism and Wildlife Management. Our efforts in streamlining the ease of doing business in Migori County and support to investors, led to the recognition by a World Bank survey under sub-national ease of doing business. My government has developed County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) to identify key policy actions, reforms, programmes and projects that the county government of Migori in collaboration with the national government and other partners are implementing in line with vision 2030 in its aspiration to become a vibrant and prosperous county. The CIDP is anchored on the Kenya vision 2030, SDGs, MTP III and the president’s ‘’Big Four’’ Agenda. My government is giving priority to infrastructural expansion, food security, socio-economic transformation and good governance.


My government acknowledges infrastructure as an important enabler for sustained economic growth as it enhances faster and cheaper means of transport which is a critical ingredient for expansion of economic opportunities for employment and competitiveness an economy. my government is involved in building on the on-going infrastructural development in road, energy, transport and ICT consequently leading to the achievement of the SDG 9 on building a resilient infrastructure, promotion inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. In order to realize our short-term and Long-term objectives and create conducive environment for the creation of employment opportunities, my government with partnership of national government and private sector have prioritize interventions in areas where the county has comparative advantage such as a cross border trade, mining, sugar processing and many initiatives I’m emphasizing on programmes targeting training and empowering youths to meet the demand of skilled jobs and entrepreneurship through credit and financial assistance. 


 A commercialized agriculture with high value addition remains our key priority. Therefore, improving agricultural productivity and value addition has been an effective way to enhance food security, employment creation, and income generation.


 The county envisions a vibrant and prosperous economy where people access clean and adequate drinking water, highly competitive education standards particularly at the ECDE and technical institutions, high quality health services, increased household incomes, decent housing and clean environment. My government through the County executives are in the frontline in providing the necessary leadership and coordination towards the provision of timely and quality services to the people of Migori. Continuous capacity building and performance management shall be embraced to promote and strengthen performance, productivity and service delivery. Prudent financial management is upheld in adherence to the PFM Act 2012 and other relevant legislations. Additional stringent measures are instituted to strengthen the envelope towards meeting the increasing development needs.


My government, also allows the county assembly to effectively play its oversight and legislative roles through enactment of timely legislation aimed at strengthening devolution and service delivery to the people of Migori I must emphasize that the successful implementation of the CIDP calls for the dedication and commitment from all the people of Migori. Indeed, with the goodwill and support from the national government, development partners and other key stakeholders, I am confident that we will achieve the goals set out for the people of Migori.