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Our Mandate includes cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, Sports and facilities; Pre-primary education, village polytechnics, home craft centres and child care facilities.


  • Cultural activities, public entertainment and public amenities, including—

    1. Betting
    2.  Casino sand other forms of gambling 
    3. Racing 
    4. Cinemas 
    5. Video-shows and hiring 
    6. Libraries 
    7. Museums

  • Sports and cultural activities and facilities; 
  • Pre-primary education, village polytechnics, home craft centres and child care facilities.  

Performance Overview of the Sector

Policies Formulated For Service Delivery 

The department has developed the following policies 

  •  Vocational education training centre Policy 
  • Early childhood education Policy 
  • Bursary and Sponsorship Policy. 
  • Youth Volunteerism 
  • Community Service Policy (Final Draft) 

 Bills And Acts Enacted For Service Delivery. 

The Department is in the process of preparing; 

  1.  ECDE Bill. 
  2. Support for the needy bill (that covers bursary & scholarship) 

Public awareness and participation in the sector 

Public participation is done during;

  •  Dissemination of information to the public through the department of information and public communication 
  • Planning and budgeting 
  • Allocation of projects and programmes 
  • Implementation stage of projects
  •  Public awareness is done through stakeholder meetings and community sensitization public meetings at ward levels (Public Baraza) 
  • Selection of beneficiaries in done through public meetings conducted by stakeholders. 
  • At bursary /scholarship, the needy students are selected by public and the result displayed to public places. 
  • The public reports on the progress of developments in their areas.

 Sustainability of the Projects 

To educate and sensitize the public on the need, ownership and care of projects

  • For continuity and sustainability of education the county is in the process of collaborating with board of management for various institutions. 
  • Collaborating with Non state actors like banks, NGO’s and social enterprises (e.g. Madanyu) through Public Private Partnerships like sponsoring needy students and infrastructural developments.

Risk and Challenges of the sector

Strategies and Methodologies for Achieving Project Goals 

  •  County Integrated Development Programme (CIDP) 
  • Preparation of education, sports and culture sectoral plan 
  • Most projects are designed and upscaled towards improvement of the previous programmes. 
  • Every programme/project has an in-built monitoring and evaluation system.
  •  Training of beneficiaries is part and parcel of the implementation phase. 
  • Established the sector targets from the first county Integrated Development Plan 
  • Determined performance indicators
  •  Sought for partnership with sector stakeholders 
  • Carrying out baseline survey to determine implementation action plans 
  • Signing of performance contract on deliverables within the sector 
  • The County has established Monitoring and evaluation department to ascertain the value of money for all projects, programmes and policies implemented 
  • The department of public works ensures that all projects are done to specifications and timelines i.e. adherence to BQ’s and plans. 

Internal and audit control measures 

  • Site visits and meetings. 
  • Departmental committee on project implementation.
  •  Departmental, inspection and receiving committee 
  • Project implementation as outlined in the Budget 
  • sectoral performance contracting 
  • Proper storage of documents. 

Mid-term goals 

  • Construction of an ECDE class in every Public Primary school. 
  • Construction of Vocational Education Training Centre in all the Wards 
  • Construction of Sub–County stadia in all 8 Sub–Counties 
  • Construction of a County cultural Centre